Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The most common misconception about figure drawing is that the models are actually "models". People expect every nude female figure drawing to be lustrous and romanticized like in The Titanic. Sure, figure drawing is about drawing nude models, but its main purpose is to give you a better understanding of the anatomy and the variety of human body types. One of the reasons why I love figure drawing so much is because it gives you a better understanding and appreciation of not only your own body but the human body in general.Some days the model might be really beautiful and in amazing shape as most models are dancers. Some days it may be men of all different physiques and some days woman that are quite heavyset.

Here is Ludmilla in all her glory. I have a deep sense of respect for all models and especially for her. Most people wouldnt even model clothed and here is Ludmilla sitting comfortably naked as everyone studies and draws every curve and fold. She knows that thats the way she is and she can either be self conscious or model there in all her glory for the sake of art! We can all learn a little something from you Ludmilla.

1 comment:

  1. you made me look at nude drawing in a different way.
    thank you for that. it's a beautiful drawing, by the way.
    she might be heavyset, but she's still delicate. the way she has her hands in the drawing shows it well.
    thanks for sharing your art!
    loved your painted shoes too! :D
    from brazil. :)