Sunday, November 28, 2010

In high school my friend Patrick and I always joked about having our own radio show called "Rick N Root in the mornin". Little did we know our joke would become reality when Patrick started to attend UC Irvine and got his own show on the campus radio broadcasting his show called "Angry Pato's Happy Hour" throughout Orange County. I started becoming a regular guest on the show and we got to live our dream of "Rick N Root in the mornin". In this picture is Patrick(Rick) in the Pink Floyd shirt and me(Root) in the blue sweater. We play whatever we want as long as its not too mainstream; underground hip-hop,trip-hop, experimental,house,electro,trance, drum n bass, alternative rock, indie rock, etc. Check out his regular show schedule, Angry Pato's Happy Hour at

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  1. :P rick...
    I have a friend named rick who goes to UC
    he constantly gets drunk and becomes a mean English teacher O.o lol